How to get into Israel with a passport

By Emily Nussbaum – February 11, 2018 at 2:07pmOn a recent visit to Israel, I encountered some unexpected hurdles. 

In one instance, my driver told me to wait outside the bus station for the driver to get back from work. 

That was the second time he had to make the trek. 

It was the day before a conference at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs in Tel Aviv, a conference attended by Israeli officials, diplomats, and foreign policy experts. 

Israel has no official passport. 

So when I arrived, I had to wait in the waiting area for about 15 minutes, until I finally got a ticket. 

After the conference, I checked in at the airport and checked in with a friend. 

But I soon learned that the passport I was given was for an official Israeli passport that does not have a stamp. 

I asked a colleague at the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., what the fuss was about. 

“You’re going to have to get one of those stamps from your embassy,” the diplomat said. 

This time, I was able to obtain a valid Israeli passport, though I could not produce a stamped one. 

At first, I thought the passport issue was a misunderstanding. 

A friend of mine was in Israel and a friend of hers was in Washington. 

The passport issue might have arisen when the two people wanted to travel together, or maybe it was because I was Jewish. 

My Israeli passport was the official one. 

 But it turns out that the two passports were not related. 

They were from the same passport bureau, and they were not stamped. 

According to the Israeli Embassy in Washington: “The official Israeli national passport issued by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is valid for the period of validity from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.” 

So if I were to travel with an official passport from the Israeli consulate in Washington DC, it would have expired in 2019, and I would have to obtain another passport.

That was a problem for me, since the visa I had just received in Washington was valid for one more year. 

How to get an Israeli passport to enter IsraelThe passport I got from the embassy in DC was valid only for one year, and would have ended in 2020. 

And even if I had a passport stamped, it was useless. 

What I needed was an official Israel passport.

How do I get one?

I tried several times to get the stamps. 

Every time, my passport would not work.

So I emailed the Israeli consul in Washington for assistance. 

Unfortunately, the consul didn’t reply. 

Then I tried contacting the embassy and consulate in Jerusalem, but none of the responses I received were helpful. 

Finally, I emailed a friend who had recently worked for the Israeli government, who said that he had received an official Palestinian passport from Israel. 

He had the stamp and the stamp is the same as the official Israeli one.

“It was really frustrating,” he told me. 

Why did the consuls not help? 

Because the consulates in both Israel and Palestine are responsible for issuing passports to Israeli citizens. 

If a passport is issued by a consulate in Israel, it must be stamped and sent to the consulate in Palestine. 

Which meant that the consulate in Jerusalem would not be able to help. 

Is that true? 

Well, yes, it is true. 

Even if the passport was stamped, the stamps would not function. 

Israeli passport stamps are unique to the Israelis. 

There is a stamp that says: “Israel Nationality Certificate Issued by Ministry of Interior of the State of Israel,” and a stamp saying: “Issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Israel.” 

This is the stamp issued by Israeli consulates and embassies in Washington and Tel Aviv. 

These stamps are very different from the official Israel stamps.

There is no official Israeli stamp for the Palestinian national passport, which is issued in the name of the Palestinian Authority. 

To obtain an official Palestine stamp, you would have had to travel to Palestine and obtain a stamped Palestinian passport.

Why can’t I travel with my official Israeli or Palestinian passport? 

The consulates that issue Israeli passports are responsible in Israel for issuing the Israeli passport.

But the Palestinians are not. 

As long as the Palestinian government maintains its status as the representative body of the state of Palestine, the Palestinians do not have any responsibility in Israel.

Israel does not issue passports for the Palestinians. 

Palestinian passports are issued by Hamas. 

Hamas is a terrorist organization that is responsible for the murder of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.

In the absence of a Palestinian government, the Palestinian passport is simply not recognized by the Palestinian authorities in Israel as valid.

So even if you want to travel in Israel with your official Israeli passports, the Israeli Consulate in Washington or Tel Aviv would not issue them. 

Does this mean that the Israeli Government

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