‘A day of reckoning’: Former Trump administration official to speak out on White House ‘dangers’

A former senior White House official will speak out in the wake of Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey, claiming that the former FBI director had “a day of vindication” when he told Trump to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, who was fired by Trump for lying to Vice President Mike Pence about his communications with the Russian ambassador.

“The day of judgment has come,” Michael McFaul, who worked for the Obama administration, told Fox News on Monday.

“He’s now got a day of vengeance to go on.”

McFaul, the former acting undersecretary of state for political affairs under President Obama, was a close adviser to former President Bill Clinton and a key figure in the Trump administration’s effort to push through the Iran nuclear deal and to pass a bill that expanded gun rights.

McFafaul said the former president told Trump in a conversation that Flynn was a “bad guy,” and Trump responded that Flynn “is a good guy,” but he was wrong.

“If you think it’s a coincidence that he says that, you should think again,” McFaul said.

McKenna Ewen/Reuters Trump fired Comey on May 9, citing a new Russia investigation.

A day later, the New York Times reported that Comey told Trump he had written to the president to say that he was not personally under investigation by the FBI.

Trump had long maintained that the FBI was investigating him for possible collusion with Russia.

“I’m not under investigation,” he said during a press conference at Trump Tower on July 7.

“Nobody is.

Nobody has been able to prove it.

Everybody is saying that.”

McKennan, who also worked for former President Barack Obama, said that Comey’s actions were “not in keeping with the norms” of a former president.

“You don’t fire someone for that, and that’s what happened,” he told Fox.

“This was a bad decision.”

McMahon told Fox that he thinks Trump will “probably” pardon Flynn, as the former national security adviser has already received immunity from the special counsel.

“It’s not like the president of the United States was acting on a whim,” McMahon said.

“It’s the law, and he had to make the right decision.”

On Monday, the White House said Trump had asked for Comey’s loyalty.

“The President has always respected Mr. Comey and the integrity of the investigation, and it is not appropriate for the President to recuse himself from this matter,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“At the same time, the President believes that his actions during the 2016 election were not in keeping w with the norm and his respect for Mr. Flynn, and so we respect his decision,” Sanders added.

McMahan, who left the White Houses Office of Legal Counsel earlier this year, has previously been critical of Trump and has been outspoken in his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The former White House lawyer has also previously argued that Trump is the victim of a “false narrative” surrounding the 2016 campaign and that he should be “punished” for his actions.

McGahon, who is also the author of “Trump’s War on the Constitution,” said that while he believes Trump is right that Comey has the right to speak up, “you’re not going to see it from the President.”

“The president of his own party is going to go after him,” he added.

“There’s going to be an effort to delegitimize the president.”

McGahan also told Fox, “I think we’ve got a very high bar to clear to get a pardon.”

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