Hawaii News Now: New Report Says Obama Will Sign Hawaii Bill to Extend Healthcare to All Hawaii Residents

NEW YORK — Hawaii is poised to sign legislation that will extend coverage to millions of people who have been denied coverage by the Affordable Care Act, and a new report says the president is likely to sign it.

The report comes amid growing calls for the president to act on expanding coverage to the roughly 30 million people who lack health insurance.

The Hawaii Department of Insurance said Thursday that the president has promised to sign the bill, which the Senate approved last month, after it cleared the House earlier this week.

The Associated Press first reported the Hawaii bill in February.

The AP had not independently verified the report.

Hawaii has the nation’s fifth-highest number of uninsured people.

The state also was the only one of 50 that has seen a premium increase for 2014, and Gov.

David Ige (D) said he was optimistic that the state could get coverage for the more than half of its residents who are on government assistance.

But Hawaii’s state senators who approved the bill were hesitant to extend it to other people who were also denied coverage under the ACA.

Hawaii is one of two states that have not expanded Medicaid coverage to everyone under the law.

The Hawaii bill would extend coverage for more than 1.2 million residents.

The governor said he expects it to become law by the end of next year.

He said he wants the Hawaii Medicaid program to have the capacity to help cover the 1.8 million people that have been eligible for Medicaid coverage.

The bill has been under consideration for more time than it took to pass the Senate and the House, but it has been bogged down in debate and in opposition from a broad coalition of Republicans.

The bill, if passed, would likely trigger a new round of Republican opposition.

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