Which candidates will you want to see on the debate stage?

If you were asked to name the top 10 candidates to be on stage with Hillary Clinton at the next debate, which would you choose?

It is a question that many Canadians have been asking since she announced her run for the White House in 2016.

As the first female presidential candidate to win the presidency in U.S. history, Clinton has seen a massive surge in popularity since then.

In a poll conducted in October 2016, 57 per cent of Canadians had an opinion of Clinton.

Only 20 per cent said they didn’t think she would be able to win.

But just how popular has Clinton become?

Here are some things you need to know about her and what Canadians are saying about her.


Her name has been a rallying cry for anti-Trump and anti-establishment activists.

While Clinton has faced criticism for her lack of policy experience and lack of a policy vision, her name has not stopped people from voicing their opinions.

In one CBC News/Postmedia poll, 51 per cent expressed support for Clinton while 35 per cent opposed her candidacy.

In another poll, Canadians were asked whether they thought Clinton would make a good president.

Only 26 per cent felt that way, while 63 per cent thought she would not.


Her policy proposals have been polarizing.

Clinton’s foreign policy stances have been divisive from the start.

While some have praised her for her hard-hitting approach to terrorism and refugees, others have argued she was too hawkish on trade deals and has failed to deliver on her campaign promises.

A poll from the Angus Reid Institute found that the views of Canadians were divided on whether Clinton’s policies would be good for the country or bad for the economy.

Clinton was also criticized for her opposition to Keystone XL and her support for a Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Despite her policy disagreements, Clinton is still considered to be one of the top three potential presidential candidates.


Her stance on foreign policy is controversial.

While many Canadians are concerned about the possibility of Clinton becoming president, some argue she is too hawky on foreign affairs.

In an interview with CBC News, Trump said, “She wants to send troops to fight in Syria and Iraq.

But she’s going to spend a lot of money on the military and she’s not going to pay for it.

If you go to the countries that are sending troops, they’re going to be sending the best guys that they can.”

Clinton’s stance on the issue is often criticized for being too hawking on the topic.


She is a political novice.

Despite running as a Democrat, Clinton doesn’t have a proven track record as a politician.

She only served two terms as a U.K. senator, including a six-year term as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

However, many in Canada are also critical of Clinton’s record, as the former first lady was once the first woman to serve in the White Senate.

Her lack of experience on foreign policies has been widely criticized by many Canadians, including former prime minister Justin Trudeau, who said on Twitter that Clinton “can’t even speak her own language.”


Her record on gender issues has been criticized.

While her policy proposals were generally praised by Canadians, her record on women’s issues is also being questioned.

In 2013, Clinton introduced legislation in the U. S. Senate that would have prohibited the federal government from requiring women to wear a covering over their genitals during pregnancy.

The bill was subsequently withdrawn, with Canadian lawmakers saying it was not a good enough reason for the legislation.

Another example of Clinton having an inconsistent view on women in the workplace is her support of the Violence Against Women Act.

In 2016, she said, if the bill were implemented, “the women that are victimized and the men that are victims will go to jail.”

However, her vote in favor of the legislation has been questioned by many in the Conservative Party.


Clinton has not held a press conference in nearly a decade.

Clinton hasn’t held a public event since she took over as the top diplomat in 2011.

The former first family has not attended a press briefing since then, and hasn’t released a speech.


She has a very low approval rating.

A majority of Canadians disapprove of Clinton, with just 24 per cent saying they have a positive opinion of her.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, Clinton’s approval rating has dropped from 50 per cent in May of this year to just 21 per cent this month.


She does not have a good record on gun control.

Clinton supported universal background checks, but her position on gun laws in the United States is mixed.

In March, she introduced a bill to require universal background check checks in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

But in July, the bill was withdrawn amid a backlash from some conservatives, and she now says that the measure was never going to pass because of concerns about the legislation being too broad.


She did not win the popular vote.

It was a surprise to many Canadians

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