‘It’s not going to be easy’: Trump supporters rally at Washington DC park

A large group of Trump supporters gathered at the Washington DC metro station Friday to protest the president’s executive order on refugees, chanting “no hate, no fear.”

The demonstrators gathered in the city’s Dupont Circle neighborhood, according to the Washington Post.

Trump has called the order a “Muslim ban,” and has said the ban will only harm the country.

The protesters held up signs that read “NO HATE, NO CRIME,” and “Trump: Stop banning us.”

“There’s no hate, just people being treated fairly and humanely,” said Mariela Castro, a supporter of Trump who is from Mexico.

“I don’t know what Trump’s agenda is.”

Trump has defended the order, saying it will stop “the horrible scourge of ISIS,” according to NBC News.

Trump on Friday signed a revised version of his executive order, which he had initially called a “travel ban” or “extreme vetting” ban.

The revised order does not include a ban on Muslims, but has been criticized by the Trump administration.

The order requires U.S. agencies to identify individuals who “are a national security threat, or pose a risk to the United States.”

The revised version also includes a ban against refugees and temporarily bars immigration from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Trump said that “no refugee or non-citizen of the United Nations would be admitted to the country.”

The new order was initially signed Friday afternoon at the White House.

Trump and several other members of his administration have come under fire from Republican lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for issuing a new executive order after the death of a young American Muslim soldier at the hands of Islamic extremists.

On Saturday, the White Houses office of the Department of Homeland Security released a statement on its website that said the revised order “does not prohibit refugees or nationals of any other country from entering the United State.”

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