India’s National Human Rights Commission is to issue an advisory on ‘cultural genocide’ in India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make his first public remarks on the issue of “cultural genocide” on Monday.

Mr Modi will address the National Human Development Commission (NHDC) in New Delhi, in what is being billed as his first major speech since assuming office.

Mr Rajnath Singh, the country’s chief minister, has repeatedly called on the NHDC to address the issue and warned that such acts could not be tolerated.

“We will not allow this kind of cultural genocide to continue,” Mr Rajan said.

The Indian government has long claimed that many of the perpetrators of “racial violence” in the country are Muslims and have been labelled as terrorists.

The government has also said the alleged perpetrators of such acts were “cowards”.

On Tuesday, a senior government official said the government was “open to the possibility” of revising the definition of “civilian genocide” to include non-Muslims and those who commit acts of cultural violence.

A section of Indian Muslims believe that non-Muslim men can kill them in retaliation for their religious practices.

“The definition of ‘civilian’ genocide has become an emotive issue, and I believe that the government should review it,” Mr Singh said.

“I believe that if we don’t, we’ll have to revisit the definition and find a new definition.”

Mr Rajani said he had asked his government to submit a revised definition for the definition “civilial” to the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), a government agency.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

He added that the “civil” definition was based on the fact that many non-Indians commit acts that could be construed as acts of “ethnic” genocide.

He said he would also consider revising “racial” definition of the definition, which “does not give a legal or legal basis to the killing of non-indians”.

Mr Rajans statement comes a day after Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi met the leaders of several Muslim organisations, including the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a prominent group of Indian Muslim organisations.

The meeting was held on Sunday to discuss issues such as the rising anti-Muslim sentiment in the Indian diaspora and efforts to combat “cultural and religious intolerance”.

The Muslim community in India has been on the defensive after it was accused of sponsoring a hate campaign against Indian Muslims by posting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, who took office in 2014, is also expected to address a meeting of the Muslim League later on Monday, a move that has triggered protests.

“What we are doing now is the right thing,” Mr Modi told reporters.

“You know that the first thing we will do is to stop the killing.

We will never stop the bloodshed.”

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