Las Vegas Police release video of Las Vegas police officer who fatally shot a suspect

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released the bodycam footage from a shooting involving a Las Vegas man who police say fired at police during an argument.

The video was released Wednesday, two days after the shooting of Las Ramblas attacker Ramon Guzman, who was killed by a police officer after a brief scuffle with officers.

The officer in the video appears to have fired his weapon as Guzman was being placed in handcuffs, and then continued to fire at the man, striking him several times.

Police said that the man was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Guzman was killed after a confrontation in which police say he pointed a gun at them.

In the video, Guzman can be heard shouting “shoot me” as officers fire at him and several other officers.

A bystander can be seen holding a piece of paper, which is believed to be Guzman’s wallet, as he tries to run away.

A second video shows a man walking away from the scene of the shooting.

At the beginning of the video police can be clearly heard telling the suspect to get down, saying he had to stop resisting officers.

One of the officers then walks up to him, pointing a gun toward him and yelling “shoot him!”

Guzman is heard saying, “I don’t want to do anything to hurt you, I’m just trying to do my job,” before continuing to say, “Put the gun down.”

The video then shows a second officer shooting Guzman as he’s laying on the ground, and the officer can be also heard screaming at the suspect, saying “stop resisting!” at which point the suspect is heard shouting, “stop shooting!” as officers take cover behind a car and take cover from gunfire.

At that point, a bystander runs toward the police, and one of the other officers then runs up to the man and asks if he’s OK, but he replies “no.”

The video ends with the man lying on the floor of the car, with the bystander standing on top of him, with him screaming “don’t shoot me!”

As the police are standing over him, another officer walks toward him, holding a weapon in his hand and saying “don’s going to do it again!”

The police video ends after two minutes of gunfire.

After the shooting, officers in protective gear, wearing bulletproof vests, can be visible on the streets, along with a squad car and a helicopter flying overhead.

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