Trump signs order to block access to Twitter and other platforms

Trump has signed an order blocking access to social media sites including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but has not explicitly stated that they will be blocked.

The executive order comes after President Donald Trump blocked access to Google’s social media platform in an attempt to force his opponents to reveal their sources of funding, a demand that led to a major legal battle in the US.

The order was signed late on Tuesday afternoon and has been signed by Vice President Mike Pence, the White House press secretary and the Department of Justice.

Facebook has already blocked access for users who use the site to comment on posts, which means users with the Trump administration’s view that their privacy is at risk are left with no way to get to the site.

The social media giant said it was not blocking access and that it would work with users to update their information.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have long been considered the “front lines” of the fight against fake news, with their networks of millions of users sharing news and trending topics.

But the order does not directly target the platforms, but instead asks that they block certain users from using the sites for a period of six months.

This is a step in the right direction, but it’s still not a full ban, as a few major tech companies have already said they are still allowing access.

Trump has previously been accused of targeting the social media platforms because of their links to Russia.

Trump has said he wants to use the social networks to keep the Russian narrative alive and to try to discredit the US election.

The executive order was written by Vice-President Mike Pence and was signed by the Trump White House.

It also requires social media companies to provide users with “relevant, credible, accurate, and up-to-date information” and that they “conduct a review of their policies to ensure that they are in compliance with the law and their stated purposes”.

The order is in effect until January 21, 2019.

A number of tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, have already removed access to the platforms.

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