‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star calls out Trump’s ‘bitch-in-chief’ comments as ‘very stupid’

LOS ANGELES — In an interview with MTV News, Bachelor in Paradise star Alex Lopatin has blasted President Donald Trump’s “bitchin’ president” comments about his own sexual orientation.

In the exclusive interview with the magazine, Lopatti said Trump’s comments were “very stupid” and were “totally out of bounds.”

“He should have been able to say whatever he wanted.

I don’t even know why he made that statement.

He shouldn’t have been allowed to do it,” Lopattin told MTV News.

“He’s such a bully, and I’m not going to be bullied by him.

I’m gonna be bullied.”

Lopati, who is dating actor and activist Jesse Eisenberg, has not commented publicly on the president’s comments.

The 45-year-old was not available for comment when reached by MTV News on Friday, but his sister, Danielle Lopatto, shared the interview with Billboard.

“Alex Lopatta is an American-born, American-raised, American artist.

He’s an American Idol contestant, an award-winning Broadway singer, an Academy Award winner and an award winner for best television performance by an actor in a TV show,” she wrote in a statement.

“So, you know, we’re very proud of our family.”

In a statement, LOPATIN said, “I would like to address the comments made by President Trump on Sunday evening in an effort to further polarize the conversation around our country and divide the country.

To me, the most divisive and hurtful statement is that the President says things that I find offensive, that are just plain wrong.”

“This is the saddest day for the country, the world, and myself in a way that is truly heartbreaking and makes me cry every day,” LOPATTIN said.

“I am so happy that I was able to put myself out there and show the world that I truly care about what’s happening in our country, and that I will continue to stand up and stand up for what’s right, no matter who they are or what they stand for.”

LOPATS: ‘He’s so bitter, so angry and so unhinged, that I would rather be at a funeral than at a White House.’

“Alex has been a part of my life for the past seven years, and it’s been a privilege to share my story, because I am so proud of what he has done, the work he’s done, and the amazing people he’s inspired, but he’s so angry, so unheded, and so bitter,” Lops told MTV.

“That’s what he does, and he’s such an asshole.

That’s why he’s a president, and people should just be able to do whatever they want to say.”

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