Eagles are still going for it in the last quarter, but they are still a long way off

A few days ago the Eagles were in a bit of a bind.

After a solid week of work in the pre-season and a couple of wins over the Giants, it seemed like the Eagles would be back to playing catch-up and looking to bounce back from last week’s disappointing defeat at the hands of the Giants.

Then, the Eagles lost to the Giants again, giving them a chance to bounce right back and make a statement about the season.

The Eagles came back and did just that.

What Wentz Can Teach the Eagles in Week 5 article What’s been missing from the Eagles offense for the last month or so has been an offensive line.

It’s been a topic of discussion among Eagles fans for quite some time now, as the team has been struggling at the point of attack and having trouble getting the ball to their offensive linemen. 

The Eagles did have some luck at the tackle position, though.

Jason Peters got the start at right tackle for the Eagles, and it wasn’t a disaster.

Peters did have a rough day in the win over the Lions, but it was the sort of performance that should help him make a bigger impact in the future.

The team has had a ton of success at the spot in recent years, with a starting offensive line that has had success.

The Eagles have struggled to score points, however, and a combination of injuries, bad luck and bad luck can be hard to recover from.

So far in 2017, the team ranks 19th in the NFL in points scored per game, with an average of 15.4 points per game.

That doesn’t seem like an ideal stat line, but this Eagles team has looked good in the first half of the season and is still able to find a way to score touchdowns.

If you look at the numbers, it makes a lot of sense to me.

They are averaging just under 15 points per contest, which is good for 12th in a league where teams are averaging 23 points per team.

That would make them the 8th best offense in the league in terms of scoring points per scoring attempt.

This isn’t the best unit the Eagles have had, but if they can find a scoring source this season, they should be able to continue to have success.

They are going to have to score some points on offense this season if they want to make a run at a playoff spot.

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